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Custom Boot Service has been in the business of personalizing shoes for athletes since 1990. We got our humble start by helping to eliminate pain in ski boots. If your feet hurt you won't have fun and your performance will not be at its peak. By changing the shape of a ski boot we were able to accommodate the shape of the foot and by filling in the void we could minimize the effects of bad fit. We found that the same principles work for all applications. Whether you are a hiker, in-line skater, cyclist or skier our goal is to eliminate pain and maximize performance.


Thanks, Seattle, for 30 years of business.

We'll be relocating to the Lake Wenatchee area soon and look forward to seeing you there.

We hope to be up and running by September so I'll be able to help you with your boots in plenty of time for ski season.


 Custom insoles are an essential tool for creating a personalized foundation. Whether you are a hiker or a skier, the benefits include:

Keeps your foot from changing shape

Eliminates fatique and cramping

Distributes weight over your whole foot. For hikers it means you can carry heavier loads without fatigue.

Skiers have better contact to transmit energy for edging


Shoes should not hurt!

The idea is to shape the the shoe to your foot, not your foot to the shoe.

The solutions are:

Stretching when necessary

Padding to fill in voids

Grinding the boot to address the bony spots

Blisters, bone spurs, black toes, cramps, numb or cold feet? You don't have to put up with this!

Let us help take the pain away!

Performance is a function of using your body efficiently. A basic athletic stance is the same for all sports and if you are not in balance.... you are out of balance. In a hiking situation, balance affects fit by levering your foot around excessively inside the boot. In sking, in-line skating and cycling, being mechanically efficient allows for better overall performance.

In skiing, these are the features we look at:


Balance, fore and aft

Allignment side to side

Let us help you with your comfort and performance.

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